weekly Photo Challenge – Split-Second Story — Tell me why



sometimes we just want to ask some one how they can do some amazing things, but there are times when they wont tell us


Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

through reflection, we can realize that we changed.. may be our face getting different, or else..
for knowing is something changed on you or not, it’ll be easier when you see your reflection with other people especially someone who didn’t meet you for long time. just tell them to tell the truth about you..

weekly photo challenge: renewal — a day after rain

renewal (in my opinion) means that the new beginning of something that we do. and in this picture describe the new day after rain. when its rain, people usually get in to shelter, they don’t want to get wet or catch a cold, so in the time that i was one of them, i think to many thing that i can do after rain stops. it means that while in a shelter i was trying to renewal my plan that day because rain can change a lot of thing that we planned to do..