Friends and food

Food and talks. Sharing life, like ‘how was your day?’ to ‘formula to calculate mean.’ Yes of course I talk about random things, and all people does it, doesnt they?



i’ve never been in a place like that

looks like in a hospital, but it was on train station. not kind of subway of course.

i was scared when walking through that place. since i was alone. glad that it was 9 am.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

through reflection, we can realize that we changed.. may be our face getting different, or else..
for knowing is something changed on you or not, it’ll be easier when you see your reflection with other people especially someone who didn’t meet you for long time. just tell them to tell the truth about you..



this world is too wide to be explored by your own self.. all you need just some friends then you’ll see brighter day

it was token when it was rain at noon..