Forget and Forgive

Sometimes you have to glad that human can forget lot of thing. So that you can forget someone who hurt you. And it is considered as you forgive them. Even though when they say something about it, you dont really forgive them. 

As for me, it is not good. Sometimes, when some one hurt you, you have to say it to them. So if they didnt do it on purpose they wont do it again. But for some people they will just shut their mouth and try to forget it.

It really is aesy when i just write this things. The fact, I am not kind of perso  who can forgive people easily. Once they make mistake i can still consider that they didnt do it on purpose but some people just not lovable. They live like they are the center of the world. Only worried about them self. As for me, I am tryin to learn how to deal with them if i have to. But if i have choise, I’d rather leave them.

So, Forget doesnt always mean forgive right? 

Being forget sometimes can be good, but it also not that good if you dont remember things. Like some promise that you made or even something simple like where did you put your socks.