it’s not only about me,
it’s about you and see, i can do what i want.
i can just run away, or shut every one out, as i always did.
thanks for disturbing me for a while.
and make me think, a lot.
but you don’t know me. really don’t know me.


this just me and my messed mind. i thought a lot of something lately, thought over it again and again, till i realize that i really have to stop it.


Memoir Madness (and restless) — Science Project

i was the one who just underestimate science project. even if it was a must for a student in my school to make a group that had a science project, i was never thought that i will make that thing.
one day, i tell my dad that i have a science project. he was the one who excited that time. and he offered me and my group some lesson so that we can finish our science project.
it was very unpredictable that after a few day, after we decide to make a moving cloth rack, i was in a discussion with my science project teacher then he asked us to finish our work so that we can join the selection for science project competition.
then the madness thing begun.
i remember that day very well. the day when my friends and me was just struggling to finish our science work. and that day i got some other stuff that i had to do. i had to practice for story telling competition. and i can’t just forget my science project.
it was a few day. we didn’t rest. we even sleep during subject (its may be something usual, but for tired because of science project, that make me feel i proper to sleep at that time). a few restless day. just the 2 days before we went to jakarta for our competition, we didn’t had enough sleep.

that was the day that make me gone mad~

weekly photo challenge: renewal — a day after rain

renewal (in my opinion) means that the new beginning of something that we do. and in this picture describe the new day after rain. when its rain, people usually get in to shelter, they don’t want to get wet or catch a cold, so in the time that i was one of them, i think to many thing that i can do after rain stops. it means that while in a shelter i was trying to renewal my plan that day because rain can change a lot of thing that we planned to do..

weekly wringing challange : i wish i were

it’s kind a title that force us to publish our wish that didn’t come true yet, isn’t it?

after reading the test paper, i usually said i wish i were studying this material, so i can answer that question. and when i said that it means that the night before exam i didn’t study at all, and i didn’t pay attention in the class. and after knowing my score i wish i were not underestimate that subject, i wish i were smart enough then i can make my parents proud of me. and finally it will came to the situation that i blame my self for being born and being such a burden to my parent, such a shame in my family. at that time i will realize that i should study harder to get something that i want, but as time passed by that spirit will disappear. so whenever my laziness came, i remember that i had made my parents disappointed.

Happy birthday to my self..

this year i purposely not telling anyone about my birthday.. and the result is my parents is the first person that me “happy birthday,” also the fact parents are always pray for their child, even parents didn’t say “happy birthday” or they never celebrate it, they always pray for their children.
and to me even if celebrating birthday is not my family’s habit, but my friends often ask me to celebrate it.. so tonight, i make my own cake for my own birthday, sound pity, isnt it?

moday post

after realizing the days always passes, now i know : something that really nearby is future, as long as time running, the farthest thing is our past

translate :

setelah menyadari hari semakin berlalu, aku sadar bahwa : sesuatu yang sangat dekat adalah masa depan, seiring waktu berlari, hal yang paling jauh adalah masa lalu