wedding preparation

start form this post, i will try to share how was wedding preparation in solo, Indonesia.

it is not actually my wedding, but yea i am helping my friend who has to work in other city.

to tell you, wedding it self is something amazing. It is a big decision. it is not only about you love your future husband or wife. it connect two families who were not knowing each other (unless you marry your own family like your cousin or child of you parents cousin because in my religion, you may).

getting marry is not only about being legal couple (?). its ceremony is influence by several thing in you culture of course. they have some philosophical procedure. luckily in my friend wedding, she doesn’t want to get some cultural stuff. It is not that bad actually doing javanese wedding ceremony, it is just complicated, need a lot of people to do that and we know nothing about it. so we just do islamic ceremony. which much more easier in my opinion.

this is the very first day, i look for a place to get marry. think about what kind of facilities they serve and the price of course. getting marry nowadays is getting expensive too. it is not merely ceremony but also showing where is your social status.

menikah dan persiapannya. kali ini aku buat postingan tentang persiapan pernikahan. bukan aku. bukan. mmm, belum mungkin. tapi ini bisa jadi latihan. oke langsung saja pada intinya, hari ini aku mencari tempat dulu. aku menemukan tiga tempat alternatif, semuanya masih sama-sama milik danar hadi (kalo kamu tahu ini toko batik hits di solo yang omzetnya gede juga).

ya intinya itu price list nya in case you look for it. and not interest in my life. of course, gue siapa. wkakakakakak


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