I have missed you already

Feel like long time no see even actually it is just 7 days pass. A week. Lot of things happen. I dont really know what happen to you. You said nothing to me. 
Have you ever miss someone even when you are near them?

This kind of feeling sometimes come along with regret. The people you will be missed leave you or you leave them. 

Before you get those kind of feeling, try to get lot of quality times with them. Learn a lot of stuff from them. Make many memories with them. So you wont regret when you have to leave them or they leave you.


Change is a choise

Sometimes i got envious when i heard a story of friend who got turning point. They decided to change and stick to that decision in their future life. Looks like they made a big choise and never trap in their past. Always move on and set another goals because they achieved their past goals.
I do believe that every single person in this world has to face their turning point. Wheter it makes them be better person or not. But again how can we measure someone be better or worse?

Some people just too afraid to change because they think about how people judge them.

You are changed. I dont really like the new you

Those kind of sentence make some people afraid, hesitate, and over think about judgment.

Of course we are not alone. Homo sociois remember? But ignoring those kind of stuff can be a good step if you want to change.

Actually I tried to post a day. But seems so hard. I was too lazy to write something to share. Lol.

Here I want to ask you

Have you ever miss someone you barely know?

May be unconciously you miss someone you meet only once, or even they who haven’t meet you in person. 

Sometimes you just dont really know why someone you dont know appear in you dream. 

Fate just messing around with you.

Don’t let those feeling driving you crazy. This will pass. And this is a lesso


Time is preciouse and never come back. In many films we watch some character like to turn to their past, like alice through looking glass, and even mother gothel who loved to be young again in tangled.

In this post I want to tell you something. It is about me or my day of course. Around this month, Ramadhan I mean, all muslim around the world have to do fasting. It is a must and state in our holy Qur’an. During fasting period, a lot of community, some friends, or classmate, ask to have fast breaking together. This month, people realize how to get quality time while eating. 

This not only happen to me. 

The thing is not all people deserve your time right? They barely talk to you in the real life and ask or even force me to join them. Think again. 

Time will always go. Chose right person to spend it with.

Tentang waktu yang kita yakini sangat berharga. Karena jalannya tidak dapat diperlambat. Karena sia tidak akan kembali. 

Sudah tidak terasa sekarang memasuki Ramadhan lagi. Undangan demi undangan buber udah betabaran. Apalagi kalo udah tgl 15 Ramadhan ke atas. Mulai dari temen SD sampe temen kuliah. Semua nya ngajakin makan bareng. Mereka yang bahkan jarang banget ngobrol sama kita, tau tau ngajak buka bersama. Lah sekarang lu bisa liat gue? Kalo boleh ngomong gitu. 

Bukan masalah besar si sebenarnya. Cuma ngingetin aja kalo ada juga hal yang lebih bermanfaat ketimbang ngobrol haha hihi sampe malem banget. 

Coba pertimbangkan lagi, apa mereka pantes dapat waktu mu?


i’ve never been in a place like that

looks like in a hospital, but it was on train station. not kind of subway of course.

i was scared when walking through that place. since i was alone. glad that it was 9 am.

it’s not only about me,
it’s about you and see, i can do what i want.
i can just run away, or shut every one out, as i always did.
thanks for disturbing me for a while.
and make me think, a lot.
but you don’t know me. really don’t know me.


this just me and my messed mind. i thought a lot of something lately, thought over it again and again, till i realize that i really have to stop it.

New Start


some of you may or may not realize that i make some of my post being private.
why did i do this? recently, i read some article that say we don’t have to share everything on our social media. and by that i started to be silent reader in some of my social media, such as instagram or ask.fm or facebook, but sometimes i still twitting unimportant thing.

i just want to start e new page of my life.. because don’t really like my old virtual identity in this blog.. LOL

Memoir Madness (and restless) — Science Project

i was the one who just underestimate science project. even if it was a must for a student in my school to make a group that had a science project, i was never thought that i will make that thing.
one day, i tell my dad that i have a science project. he was the one who excited that time. and he offered me and my group some lesson so that we can finish our science project.
it was very unpredictable that after a few day, after we decide to make a moving cloth rack, i was in a discussion with my science project teacher then he asked us to finish our work so that we can join the selection for science project competition.
then the madness thing begun.
i remember that day very well. the day when my friends and me was just struggling to finish our science work. and that day i got some other stuff that i had to do. i had to practice for story telling competition. and i can’t just forget my science project.
it was a few day. we didn’t rest. we even sleep during subject (its may be something usual, but for tired because of science project, that make me feel i proper to sleep at that time). a few restless day. just the 2 days before we went to jakarta for our competition, we didn’t had enough sleep.

that was the day that make me gone mad~