this is me

hi everyone, to be honest i made this blog in order to do my final exam when i was in the junior high. after that i dont really care about this blog and really sure that no one will open this. so i post everything in this blog just like writing a diary (it was long ago).

to describe me : i love anime [visit my tumblr to know some animes those i watched] , manga, movies, music, eating, cooking, browsing, bloging, photograph (even though i don’t have camera and cant take good photo), editing pic (even though its not beautiful) . wear glasses, talkative (or rather annoying). not very tall, neither short. chubby. sometimes i’d rather stay at home and bake some cookies or cake with my mom, or just watching anime or something that i have at home, than going out somewhere that unsure with uncertain friend. the things those i hate most are : being loser, get bad score, doing sport, getting tired, unreliable person a group of study.

i was just a student of one islamic integrated school in indonesia  and graduated on may 2013. now i study at sebelas maret university in sociology major. and that me stuck in my home town since i was born. But yet i can lost in my city since my spatial cognitive is very bad.

ak tu pendiem, ops tampang boleh menipu karena sebenarnya saya orang yang cerewet, hobinya online, download film, makan(tapi mintanya kurus), tidur, baca manga, nulis eh ngetik deng, ngedit photo, banyak si ngga tetep..



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