dear grandpa

this post is dedicated to my grandpa. it may be never reach him. but i still want to write this.

Dear Grandpa, just because you regret you couldn’t take master degree, that doesn’t mean that you may force me to take it. my mind is set. i will not take master degree.

Dear grandpa, my mother may be disappointed you because she chose to work, get married, and raise her child over taking master degree. but, grandpa, don’t you see, her child is way better educated compared to her niece who have higher educated mom.

Dear grandpa, please don’t force your value over me or mom, or my family. we are aware of choice and consequence that we chose. we are happy with what we are. or at least we try to.

Dear grandpa, i know that you don’t want us to fail in something that you had already fall to. but sometimes, you have to learn how to give advice and not nagging. I know that you don’t really mean that mean things you said.

But grandpa, have you ever try to be more considerate to my choice and not forcing me doing stuff you want to? please try to do that. please.

i am so not trying to teach you anything. you are smarter and of course older than me. i just want you to know that sometimes i am just sick of you. but i still grateful and proud that you are my grand pa.