8 years

8 years and still counting.

i remember that day when i didn’t sleep because i customize this blog. it has already 8 years. a lot of things happen since then.

8 years ago, when i was 15. my biggest problem was bad score at that time. the thought that i wouldn’t get in to good high school was always on my had. okay may be not always. but yea. that was it.

i remember that day very well. the day i graduated from junior high school. clothes that i wore was very bad. make me 40 years older. that day my some of teachers couldn’t attend that event. and i was so sad.

if i could go back, first thing that i want to do is slap my 15 years old self. lol.


Past and future

As time passed by, i miss those memories. Cant mention one. But want to go back. I want to be with you, have a chat in the middle of class, see your red face whenever i tease you.
As simple as the past, never really have problem. Just think about academic score and how to not hurting people around me.
Getting old is something that cant be avoided, but grow up, being wiser is choise, right?
The process may be painfull but that change us. To be better or worse.
To the past me, thanks for time that you take. You’ve met kinds of people and take some lesson for them. Some of them is not that worth to be friend with. But the rest of them are the best people you’ve met in your life. You were whinning, complaining, blaming a lot that past years, and now you are being better person.
To the future me, how was your life? Whats going on? Where are you now? Are you marry someone from the past? Someone from school? Or is it a new person? Are you glad of your life? What is your achivement? At least you’ve gone that far. Congratulartions!