Sweet talking

In life we meet a lot of expectation. It makes a lot of people thinks that we have to achieve something at certain age. And at least that keep people to talk to you when they have to speak to you during family time or something like that.
It is very tiring, because during that time we have to explain our life and listen what other people thing what should we do and they dont actually care.
If i say "I dont really know how to finish my study, aunti."
They will give some "you have to read more." Or something that i know it is very easy to say.
Then i would just say, "everything is alright. You dont have to worry."
Even though in deep side of i would like say "why do you bother asking me? You dont even care." And splash them with a glass of water like drama queen. Lol.
No no no. I will never do that.
Even though they try to sweet talking me, and actually i dont care.
Sometimes you just have to leave the forum that you dont like. I think its better then fake everything.

[tag sweet talking, family gathering, expectation, leave, one post a day, fake, explain, study]


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