it’s not only about me,
it’s about you and see, i can do what i want.
i can just run away, or shut every one out, as i always did.
thanks for disturbing me for a while.
and make me think, a lot.
but you don’t know me. really don’t know me.


this just me and my messed mind. i thought a lot of something lately, thought over it again and again, till i realize that i really have to stop it.


New Start


some of you may or may not realize that i make some of my post being private.
why did i do this? recently, i read some article that say we don’t have to share everything on our social media. and by that i started to be silent reader in some of my social media, such as instagram or or facebook, but sometimes i still twitting unimportant thing.

i just want to start e new page of my life.. because don’t really like my old virtual identity in this blog.. LOL