Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

honestly i don’t really have an idea what this mean, but i get this photo graph when i went to government.


weekly photo challenge: renewal — a day after rain

renewal (in my opinion) means that the new beginning of something that we do. and in this picture describe the new day after rain. when its rain, people usually get in to shelter, they don’t want to get wet or catch a cold, so in the time that i was one of them, i think to many thing that i can do after rain stops. it means that while in a shelter i was trying to renewal my plan that day because rain can change a lot of thing that we planned to do..

weekly wringing challange : i wish i were

it’s kind a title that force us to publish our wish that didn’t come true yet, isn’t it?

after reading the test paper, i usually said i wish i were studying this material, so i can answer that question. and when i said that it means that the night before exam i didn’t study at all, and i didn’t pay attention in the class. and after knowing my score i wish i were not underestimate that subject, i wish i were smart enough then i can make my parents proud of me. and finally it will came to the situation that i blame my self for being born and being such a burden to my parent, such a shame in my family. at that time i will realize that i should study harder to get something that i want, but as time passed by that spirit will disappear. so whenever my laziness came, i remember that i had made my parents disappointed.

just like the pain in my heart time will eventually cover them up, it’s not like i’ll able to forget them and it wont be easy, but that is what we call live — alive last chapter