does everyone have choices?

think about future, sometimes makes me underestimate my self… this is bad, because they said that their suspicion can change the fate…
and this thing slowly make me lost my confidence.

to be honest, i need some more thing that can make me be better. but it seems like no one would show it to me, so should i try to look for that? but how?
when thinking about future, i always remember my past, it makes me realize how useless i am.. i can’t make my parents proud of me. they expect something more than i get. but i cant make them satisfied.
but i cant be like this forever, you too, don’t lay on this situation too long, because time always goes, it doesn’t care about you, it won’t stop when you happy nor when you sad. and remember that this life is like wheel. sometimes we’re in the bottom, being desperate, feels like we really cant go to upper class of life, but if you believe that fate can be change, i’m sure that it’ll change, to be better but it also can be worst. its depend on how hard you try to reach to upper class of life, your relationship with GOD, also with your anyone near you.


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